About Dr. John

John A. McGinn, Ed.D. is Certified Mastermind Executive Coach (CMEC) and leadership consultant with over 25 years of experience working with corporate, military, and nonprofit leaders.

He teaches as an adjunct professor for graduate and undergraduate studies as both an online and on-campus faculty. He understands online education from both the student and faculty’s perspective and is adept with online delivery systems and multimedia.

The subject matters include:
-the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation
-understanding ethnicity, language, gender, and socioeconomics as they impact learning
-team leadership and conflict resolution
-vision and strategic planning
-foundations of leadership

Dr. John’s coaching helps professionals and executives who struggle with stress management and life/work balance, and delivers bottom-line results to organizations by reducing executive turnover and improving organizational leadership teams.

In addition to being an executive coach and leadership consultant, Dr. John serves as the Executive Director of I&S Coaching – a nonprofit organization that provides life and leadership coaching for ministry leaders.

His passion is focused on helping others achieve a more compelling, goal-oriented life filled with significance and success!

Services include:
– Cultural Assessments
– Customized Team Training Sessions
– Individual Coaching / Mentoring
– 360 Degree Assessments
– Strategic Planning

Specialties include:

executive coaching, leadership coaching, life coaching, ministry coaching, organizational development, leadership development, operational planning, strategic planning, training development, effective communication skills, conflict resolution, best practices, quality assurances, performance assessments, employee and management development, policies and procedures



  1. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    If ever I can assist you, please allow me the privilege.



  2. As a current executive coach and a fellow former infantryman, I appreciate your approach to this important task of providing assistance to the many leaders helping to shape this fantastic world! Keep up the great work, John!

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