Are You Competitive?

Ever thought that you were pretty good at something only to have someone else come along and beat the pants off you?  I used to see this all the time working with teenagers.  There would be this sense of confidence (bordering on arrogance) that they would carry going into a sporting event or meet.  Then wham!  It is always somewhat funny (unless of course it is you or your child).

I try to always remind myself (and my children) that we really only compete against ourselves.  There will always be someone that I can outperform, but many more that can outperform me.

The last time you attended church – did you enter with this sense of competiveness?  Did you look around at the others and measure yourself against their performance? Or do you come as you are?  Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and that you are a work in progress?

How about this – the next time we go to church, let’s compare ourselves to Jesus.  Let’s all acknowledge our wretchedness and uselessness without Him.  When was the last time we responded like Isaiah in a worship service?  “Woe is me!”  (Isaiah 6:5).  Can we really encounter the living, holy God and walk away unchanged?

Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus (not comparing or competing with each other or even ourselves), be grateful for His mercies that are new every morning, and know that we all are more than conquerors through Him (Rom. 8:37).

“…looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith,…” (Hebrews 12:2, ESV)

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