Are you looking for a Life Coach, an Executive Coach, or someone who will help you clarify your goals and achieve your potential?

If you are like most business professionals and executives, you are very good at what you do; however, you struggle with stress management and balancing all your competing demands (professional, family, health, etc.).  Your business may be running efficiently, but your life is less than satisfying.  You may wonder how you can maintain your pace if something does not change.


There is a solution! Life/Work balance is not anti-work; rather, it can result in greater productivity, fulfillment, health, and relationships.  Yes – you can live a more compelling, goal-oriented life, filled with significance and success!

Findings from a  study on executive coaching reported that coaching increased executive confidence (72%), maximized executive contribution to the company (78%), and was beneficial to business (86%).  Executives felt that the time spent on coaching was a good return on investment (73%).

When asked for a very conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from their coaching, managers described an average return of at least six times what the coaching had cost their companies (Fortune Magazine).

Dr. Bradford Smart, in his book Topgrading, asserts that turning over good people in an organization can cost the organization up to 24 times the individual’s annual salary.  Coaching can reduce the turnover rate of your organization while increasing your organization’s productivity.

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